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Great gadget innovations coming out in 2022

The best gadgets are coming out in 2022. It will be an excellent year for technology, with innovations that can change the world. There are many incredible inventions on the horizon to keep your eyes peeled.


‘The Robot family is being built for various professions, including doctors, nurses, engineers, and teachers.’ Credit:

In 2022 you might have a new assistant at work – a robot who can run errands and keep track of your diary while you’re busy working on more important things! International companies have been investing heavily in robotics research over the past ten years. With so many advancements being made across Europe and Asia, it’s no wonder we’ve already seen robotic hands that look and feel like human hands.


‘The Airfree Bag is filled with helium gas that a remote can control.’ Highway systems worldwide are looking for ways to keep drivers safe, and many manufacturers have been working on intelligent safety features for cars such as automatic emergency braking. One new technology coming out in 2022 could be an intelligent airbag that inflates instantly to cushion your head if you’re involved in an accident or fall over while walking near traffic. This life-saving technology has the potential to prevent thousands of deaths on the roads each year.


‘The RangerBot uses cameras and sensors to monitor the ocean floor.’ Drones have changed how we see the world above water, so an underwater drone in 2022 could be equally life-changing. At present, there are vast areas of our oceans that are not adequately monitored, but drones can change this. This new technology means that researchers will soon monitor marine habitats and biodiversity more efficiently than ever before.


‘The laser cannon is mounted on top of skyscrapers to act as a shield against jet skis and drones.’ Credit:

As cities become more crowded with buildings over 25m high, it’s starting to get hard to navigate using traditional radar systems or radio alerts. In 2022 ‘air defense’ laser cannons could be mounted on top of high-rise buildings to help protect against possible drone attacks. This new way of protecting our cities would offer an extra layer of security, so people living in urban environments can feel safe knowing their town is protected.


‘The Light Phone 2 is designed to be used as little as possible.’ A lot has changed in the world of smartphones since Apple first launched the iPhone back in 2007, with many companies coming out with their models that go above and beyond just being able to make calls! Our phones are increasingly used for banking, listening to music, making films, and sending messages – so it’s no wonder they need recharging every day! With so much information now stored on our devices, it’s becoming more critical for us to back up our phones if they get lost or stolen. This security feature is becoming more critical – especially with the introduction of new phone models coming out in 2022 that are built to last for longer!


The gadgets we’ll be seeing in 2022 will make our lives even more convenient and enjoyable.

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